We are young & accepting

GoSephardic brings together young Sephardic Jews from all over, be it in New York, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto or Miami for fun, cool, spiritual and connect events! Men and women who come to our events and programs are usually between 18 and 36. Sephardic culture has always been very open and inclusive, so we welcome people fromĀ all walks of life and levels of observance.

We are in your communities

GoSephardic works hand in hand with your local communities to develop great events and educational programs. We understand that the old country ain’t what we relate anymore, however we still want to be part of the tribe. By teaming up with your local synagogues and Jewish organizations, GoSephardic adds the right spice to bring life to you, wherever you are!

We are evolving

As the world keeps changing, being Sephardim takes on new meaning and fits in different based on where you live. GS is here to help you live your potential, with your tradition, in this new amazing world we live in!