Restore Hope in Israel’s Orphaned Youth

7 Days in Israel
9 Month Fellowship
20 Life Skill Workshops
30 Incredible Individuals

Camp Gesher is a 9 month life experience. Not only do you spend a week in Israel, creating and staffing a camp for orphans, you also learn the life skills that will bring your life, career and relationships to stellar levels.

Participate for the months leading up to the trip in the fellowship preparation workshops that will build you into the charismatic and awesome leader only you can be. When you’re ready, blast off to Israel for the program that you will help create. Upon your return, share your experience with your community and help the next generation of leaders grow the same as you.


You’ll learn and develop skills like:

  • Leadership
  • Charisma
  • Self Knowledge
  • Reading Environments
  • Generation Joy
  • Excellence
  • Public Speaking
  • Mindfulness
  • and more


You’ll be expected to:

  • Interview for the fellowship position
  • Attend the weekly/bi-monthly lectures and workshops
  • Participate whole heartedly in this unique growth program
  • Join the camp for the full week in Israel
  • Develop a philanthropic project
  • Create/join an event upon your return


We’ve created a 7 day summer camp for kids without parents in Israel.
This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the orphans. We give them hope, fun and confidence that will make their childhood a happier one.
This is an opportunity for you, the leaders. Joining our 9 month fellowship, you’ll participate in doing something meaningful, develop your unique skills, unleash leadership, compassion and passion within you and into the world.


We’ve partnered with orphanages in Israel, bringing them the extra experience that only Camp Gesher offers. We work with Neve Michael & Bet Elazraki Children’s Home.


GoSephardic has been infusing excitement, inspiring and educational trips to Israel for 11 years. Our amazing Sephardi staff gives everyone the greatest experience catered to them.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Oftentimes we want to make a difference, but rarely take the first step in doing so.

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Welcome To Camp Gesher

A GoSephardic initiative to inspire and rebuild confidence in Israeli orphans & children from broken homes

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Share love to those who were not fortunate enough to receive it from a young age

You will be transformed.

Plan & Create Programs

Personal Growth

Build Towards Your Own Family

Learn True Appreciation

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