• Sefirat HaOmer will be abreviated as ShO for this document.
  • Women can cut their hair
  • All the halachot below were taken from Rav Ovadia Yosef’s “Kitsur Yalkut Yosef l’talmidim” Siman 493

Hair, Beards & Music

  • One should refrain from listening to music, live or recorded, from the last day of Pesach until the 33rd day of ShO. (Y”Y, 493:4)
  • In a celebration of a mitsvah such as brit mila or pidyon haben, one is allowed to hear songs dealing with holy topics even played with a live band.   At any time during ShO, one is also allowed to sing during prayer or when learning. In addition, any singing done to praise HaShem is permitted during all these days. (Y”Y, 493:5)
  • Our minhag is not to cut one’s hair all the days of ShO until the 34th day in the morning.  Those who are extra stringent even refrain from shaving from the 1st until the 34th day of the Omer(Y”Y, 493:6)
  • One should make every effort not shave their beard duiring ShO. However, if not shaving ones beard during the ShO is causing one a major discomfort then one can:
    • can shave on the day before Rosh Chodesh Iyar
    • can shave once a week on Fridays in honor of the Shabbat (Y”Y, 493:8)
  • If a brit mila celebration takes place during ShO, the father of the son, sandak and mohel may cut their hair and shave that same day and do so the day before the brit mila. (Y”Y, 493:10)

New Clothes

  • It is praisworthy to refrain from wearing brand new clothing which requires a beracha of Shehecheyanu (a new suit, elegant dress etc.) during ShO.  They even refrain from sewing and making alterations on brand new clothing during ShO.  It is good practice to follow this stringency. If one must wear new clothing, one may do so on Shabbat and say the blessing of Shehecheyanu. (Y”Y, 493:12)
  • For one getting married from the 34th day on, he may buy or make new clothes as well as make alterations. (Y”Y, 493:14)

Various Laws

  • One is permitted to eat a new fruit that is obligated in the blessing of Shehecheyanuduring ShO . (Y”Y, 493:13)
  • One is permitted to move into a new home or apartment during ShO. It is also permitted to paint the walls and put up wallpaper.  The minhag of Sepharadim is not to say Shecheyanu upon moving into a new house, however one may take a new fruit and/or clothing and recite the blessing on them while having in mind the house. (Y”Y, 493:15)
  • Some women refrain from doing work during ShO from shekia (sunset) and on. (Y”Y, 493:11)
  • There are those that refrain from leaving their city during ShO unless it is necessary. (Y”Y, 493:16)

Getting Married/Engaged During ShO

  • The minhag of the Sefaradim is not to get married during the omer (from Pesach until the 34th day of the omer in the morning).  On the 34th day of the omer and onwards including the morning, one CAN get married.  From the 34th day on, it is permissible to begin marriage preparations.  If it is absolutly necessary, one may get married on the night of the 33rd day of the omer after checking with your Orthodox Rabbi. (Y”Y, 493:1)
  • chatan (man getting married)may cut his hair on the day of his wedding during the ShO. (Y”Y, 493:3)
  • One is permitted to get engaged during the ShO, however the party should not have dancing, music or a band, since these are not allowed during ShO.  One should note that mixed dancing is never permitted. (Y”Y, 493:5)