Why did we choose
the name “Gesher”?

The word gesher in Hebrew means “a bridge”. A bridge joins and connects two points, which otherwise would not be connected. Gesher is a program that builds bridges between you and the needy kids of Israel. In addition, rearranging the Hebrew letters in the word gesher can create the word regesh, meaning “feeling”. The association between these two words is simple – in order to build a bridge between you and someone else, you need to understand and connect to their feelings. Simple but not easy. However, in order to build this bridge, one has to first build a bridge within themselves. The bridge connecting between you and your feelings, between you and your inner-self and between you and the part of you that is craving expression and a sense of giving. The name for the Gesher program stems from this idea. It is a unique and special opportunity allowing you to not only build that gesher within yourself, but also between you and the children in Israel who need it most.

A bridge needs to be stable and strong, so as to connect the two separated points. The Gesher Program aims to be just that. We want to provide these kids with experiences, memories and emotional nourishment  that we were all privileged to have growing up. We aim to provide them with the feeling of security, belief and trust, by proving to them that we keep coming back year after year no matter the circumstances.

How did we get into the “Bridge business” ?

Camp Gesher, established in 2015, was an expansion of GoSephardic, a program that prides itself on being cutting edge, meaningful and exciting. Young professionals from around the globe came together to participate in this 2-week trip. However, GoSephardic sensed a void. These young professionals wanted something more. This expansion of GoSephardic was therefore created due to the young professionals’ desire to connect and give back to others, without expecting anything in return. Camp Gesher started with a group of approximately 30 orphans. Today, over 400 orphans have had the opportunity to be a part of this life changing experience.