Who we are


Rabbi Levy

Rabbi Levy, founder of GoSephardic, a writer, a mentor and a teacher has more than 25 years experience in the field. After many years of leading trips to Israel, Morocco, Spain and Los Angeles, and meeting many young professionals from all different backgrounds, Rabbi Levy and the GoSephardic staff understood and felt that a new path needs to be created. A path where these young professionals can give of themselves, without any expectations of it being reciprocated. The many successful growth stories of these young professionals and orphans demonstrates the dedication and commitment Rabbi Levy has for his students and organization.


Elisheva has been working for Camp Gesher since the day it opened. Her background in psychology, her excellent interpersonal skills, her creativity and her ability of putting ideas into action, is one of the reasons why these children have the best summers of their lives. Not only is she the mastermind behind all the planning – activities, carnivals, and fundraisers – but she also is attentive to each child’s needs. The camp schedule and events that are created are meant to incorporate all the children no matter the age or background.


Originally a student on Gosephardic turned ,madricha turned one of the pillars of GS. The most trusted word when it comes to dealing with the financials and the numbers. Raised in Los Angeles and now involved in “raising Los Angeles” . A mentor to countless students. She is the visionary that has served as a sense of direction for so many. From InstaRabbi,GoSephardic classic trips,World trips and now Gesher malka facilitates it all. Her soul belongs in Israel but is an ambassador in the US to everything good and trailblazing !


Rabbi Dov, a Moroccan Montrealer ,just hearing the name makes you smile. He has been teaching and giving to the world for over 20 years. Co-Founder of Olami Montreal and brought hundreds of people on meaningful programs all over the world. Who doesn’t know his dancing on the bus, or powerful Kumzitz speech ,better yet his Michael Jackson moves. He embodies Torah, coolness and wanna be wrapper all at the same time. All of that energy is brought comes Camp Gesher ,he will help you build a bridge to yourself and the children in the most real way.