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Growing up, what was your favorite time of year? Most kids have the same response … CAMP!!! You waited all year round for it. Camp Gesher is a 10-12 day camp for Israel’s underprivileged youth. We have partnered with orphanages in Israel, bringing them the extra experience that only Camp Gesher offers. Unfortunately, the institutions we work with do not have the budget or manpower to build a “Super Camp”. Therefore, the summer camp schedule we put together is packed with trips around Israel, such as paddle boating in the Kineret, Amusement, the Zoo, carnivals and many in-camp activities. Camp Gesher gives these children hope, fun, and confidence to help make their childhood a happier one. The privileges we grew up with, were somewhat a given. Sadly to these kids, it is not. Camp Gesher brings that stability into their lives. Imagine the excitement of a child when he knows “Super Camp” is coming back 🙂

Holiday events​

The holidays are meant for a time of connection and to be celebrated with family.

However, these children, unfortunately, do not have the opportunity to do so. Therefore, events for Hannuka, Purim and other holidays are organized in order for the children to experience joy, inclusion and belonging. Not only do we run full on trips and programs, but gifts are handed out to each child. We are giving these children something to celebrate and to provide them with the opportunity to feel special, safe and part of a community.

Teenage Girls crisis center ​

The Teenage Girls Crisis program is for 12-17 year old teenage girls, who suffer extreme abuse and/or who are in emotional distress.

 The Teenage Girls’ Emergency Crisis Center, comprised of 40-50 teenage girls annually, is a program designed to meet these young girls’ needs. Our objective for this program is to rebuild these young teenagers into healthy self-sufficient young adults. Activities, workshops and outings are planned in order for these teenage girls to discover and experience a side of life that they have not been privileged to see before. This program provides them with a safe-space environment to help them build their self-esteem, their moral, to help them heal and most of all, to make them feel loved and listened to.