Take the noise in YOUR life and

turn it into
Beautiful Music

Go on a Journey of a lifetime…

a journey to yourself, take the challenges and misunderstood situations in your life and harness them towards the intended YOU

After over 20 years in teaching Chaim Levy has created a journey towards emotional health. Imagine a teacher that has a career teaching thousands of students,setting up and building countless homes,popular podcast , is involved in the business world and built an organization that has touched the globe. 

 With so much movement going on in the world, it is almost inevitable  not to feel  overwhelmed. Join a  4 part journey with Chaim Levy that takes a dive into identifying,understanding and provides practical tools to  regulate your emotions.

Topics include:
Reaching emotional balance
emotional avoidance
Heightened Emotional state
Harnessing moments of uncertainty


What makes this Journey special is the wholesome experience it takes you on we are talking the beginning of a solution towards evolving into the person you ALWAYS wanted to be but did not know how. 

4 sessions with Chaim Levy in a closed group

 2 sessions with a therapist that helps you unplug unconscious blocks in your way. 

Guidance to the ever-popular MSBR system, the system that nurtures balance on all our life platforms

Guided solutions that are real,practical and sustainable 

Very Limited space – as this is a personally monitored workshop 


Cost: $600 for the entire journey

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List of Journeys :
Emotionally Balance me
Am I an emotional avoider ?
Highly emotional people
Glowing in the room of uncertainty