Our Programs


Through our trips, we are able to establish a connection with Young Professionals & Sephardic heritage by connecting them with their homeland and sharing with them the wisdom of the Torah.

When our students return to their respective cities, they join our strong network of GoSephardic Alumni. With the help of our Rabbis & staff on the ground, we keep our students connected to our family by offering classes, hosting social events & community-wide Shabbatons. We instill leadership values among our students to give them the confidence to become future leaders of our communities.


Through the launch of the Young Couples Initiative over three years ago, our young married couples now have a community to call their own. These couples meet monthly for classes on marriage through the lens of the Torah-the subjects include communication, in-laws, child rearing, and money matters among many others. We strive to ensure that our young couples create a sustainable marriage & avoid the pitfalls of divorce that are plaguing our communities.   We stress all the common elements that might lead to the downfall of marriage.


A chesed initiative where promising, hand-picked leaders spend ten days in Israel running a camp for orphaned kids who come from broken homes, were abandoned or who had incompetent parents. Ten meaningful days and nights are filled with quality time running activities, spending dedicated time feeding their broken souls, and by simply being there for them, with lots of love and attention. This initiative allows us to hand pick young leaders and give them a platform to fine tune their skills.

Get Involved


With internet and tech usage ballooning exponentially over the last decade, the growing population of tech savvy youth across the globe called for a forum that could keep up with them on the go. We needed a place to be able to interact with the millennials. Keeping up with our motto “Leading the Way,” GoSephardic identified this and decided to do something about it, and InstaRabbi was born!

The app provides the perfect blend of modernity and Torah values. More and more, people turn to their phones for all of their needs. InstaRabbi means that youth from all over the world can ask their Torah and Halacha questions and get answers right when they need them!  With a highly knowledgeable Rabbinic staff, you can ask anything from how to keep Shabbat properly, to what to do when you accidentally mix milk and meat in your Kosher kitchen, and get your answer instantly.