Our Programs

Israel Trip

Our legendary & classic trip, as well as the best experience in Israel for 2 weeks of touring, relevant spirituality and inspiration!

Young Couples

Ensuring that young couples create a sustainable marriage & avoid the pitfalls of divorce that are plaguing our communities. 

Monthly lectures, yearly getawys and more!

Camp Gesher

A ten day trip to Israel running a camp for Israel’s underpriviledged youths. A 3 month fellowship before and after allow you to learn the skills to be a great councellor, person and leader!

Young Professionals

Trips around the globe for 24+ singles to make new connections and friends, find love and get a new zest for life!



Your Jewish questions answered quickly through our own app! For Sephardim & Askenazim, knowledgeable or not, halacha, philosophy or anything else! Free download now:


High Holidays

Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippour services in LA that are perfect for those wanting an inspiring and educational experience for you!